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Our History

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University Christian Church, as part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), was a progressive witness in Seattle to the all-inclusive nature of God for over 130 years. The congregation established a long legacy of encouraging members to express themselves fully even when differing opinions were present and to demonstrate their passions by supporting and starting a variety of social justice ministries throughout the city. The congregation practiced the belief that a church community is not about conforming but about experiencing the oneness of God in the many ways God becomes known to us.

“Changing our world is a task big enough for all of us, and we believe that it is only in working together that true community change can occur. We also join our efforts with people of other religions, so that in finding our common causes, we can be for the world a new vision of humanity — a humanity that builds people up rather than tears humans down. Our congregation, therefore, has historically and presently, works with other congregations in our district and throughout Seattle, to bring about the changes that will make our city better for all our citizens. This is on-going ministry and the history that we live out now.” (From the University Christian Church website)

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